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Calling all South Floridians! Are you ready to try the coolest (literally!) sport you’ve never heard of? ❄️

The Loggerhead Curling Club throws open its doors for an unforgettable OPEN HOUSE!

What awaits you:

  • Dive into the world of curling: Learn the fascinating history and rules of this unique sport through engaging presentations and demonstrations.
  • Feel the chill (in a good way!): Step onto the ice and throw some stones! Experience the satisfying slide and strategic sweep firsthand.
  • Meet the curling crew: Chat with our friendly members, ask questions, and get insider tips on this growing sport.
  • Fun activities and giveaways: We’ve got prizes and surprises to keep the good times rolling!

No experience necessary! This event is perfect for families, friends, and anyone curious about a unique and exciting sport.

Space is limited, so RSVP today!

Group A 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Group B 7:30pm – 8:30pm 

Don’t miss your chance to experience the thrill of curling at the Loggerhead Curling Club!

P.S. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. We’ll provide the brooms and the stones!


Q: Whats the difference between a learn to curl and an open house?

A: The main difference between a “Learn to Curl” event and a Curling Open House lies in the scope and depth of instruction:

Learn to Curl:

  • Focuses on teaching participants the basics of curling. Involves dedicated instructors, structured lessons, and hands-on practice time.
  • Geared towards beginners with no prior curling experience.
  • Single or multi-week course lasting 2 hours each session.
  • Currently has a fee of $30.00.

Curling Open House:

  • Offers a general introduction to curling. This might include demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and limited on-ice opportunities.
  • Welcomes both beginners and experienced curlers.
  • A single event lasting an hour.
  • There is no fee associated with the open house.

To summarize:

  • Learn to Curl: Deeper dive, dedicated instruction, for beginners at a cost of $30.00. You will slide away knowing how to curl.
  • Open House: General overview, less instruction, for all levels. You will walk away having an understanding of what curling is and you will have thrown a few stones.
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